Tamarind Signature Robe

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Tamarind Village Signature Bathrobe

 An effortless decision. Take lounge time a notch higher with the classic Tamarind Village Bathrobe. Finished in local handspun cotton, this traditional robe is soft enough to wear alone or lightly layered throughout the day. It has front pockets for the little necessities, and sleeves that roll with ease. Select a bold red to awaken the root chakra and unlock your creativity, or, settle for the earth toned tamarind to feel more connected to the ground beneath your feet.


  •  100% Thai Cotton


The Tamarind Village Signature Bathrobe design embodies the spirit of Lanna simplicity and tradition. We’ve partnered with seasoned craftsmen who hand sew each piece to exceptional quality.



Bust 130 centimetres

Waist 130 centimetres

Length 92.5 centimetres

Arm Length 35 centimetres


Bust 140 centimetres

Waist 140 centimetres

Length 100 centimetres

Arm Length 37.5 centimetres

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