Yam, Shoulder Bag

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Yam, Shoulder Bag

Carry a piece of timeless heritage with you. Traditionally used as a farmer’s wife ‘handbag’ by the Karen women in northern Thailand, the The Yam Shoulder Bag is an everyday, every season subtle statement piece. A hand stitched finish for character, and a thick strap for a comfortable and snug rest on the shoulder.

Each Yam Shoulder Bag is a woven tapestry of age old craftsmanship. Cotton is home grown, and then seasonally harvested, to be hand-spun. Wood, roots, flowers, seeds and fruits collected from the natural environment are carefully mixed to dye the yarn – giving each batch a unique hue. The Pakakayos women then slow weave fabric using a back strap loom. For this reason, please note that colours may slightly vary.


  • 70.5 x 43.5 cm.  


  • 100% home grown cotton
  • Hand dyed in natural colour


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