Cotton Pillow Case, Natural Colour

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Minimalist Cotton Cushion Cover


Frills attached. With their long hand cut frills, the minimalist cotton cushion covers bring a personalised but thoughtful touch to an ordinary room. An elevated version of hand loomed and naturally dyed textile, these indigo and white covers are soft enough to snuggle on, and make the perfect gift for your eco-conscious friends and family.



  • 30 x 56 cm.


  •  100% home grown cotton
  • Hand dyed in natural colour



A contemporary take on traditional craftsmanship. Cotton is home grown, and then seasonally harvested, to be hand-spun. Wood, roots, flowers, seeds and fruits collected from the natural environment are carefully mixed to dye the yarn – giving each batch a unique hue. The Pakakayos women then slow weave fabric using a back strap loom. For this reason, please note that colours may slightly vary.

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