Yan Lipao Fan, Large

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Yan Lipao Fan


Not your ordinary hand fan. A labour of love and it shows. The Yan Lipao Fan is a rare traditional object to find these days. Tightly woven by hand from Yan Lipao, a vine from the Southern Thai seas, the fan’s lightweight makes it an essential on hot and humid tropical days. When not in use, it makes an even more beautiful decorative piece on a collector’s wall. To compliment your character, choose from elegant black, airy white and earthy brown.


 W. 20 cm x L. 36 cm


  • Yan Lipao


Woven by local master weavers. Native to Southern Thailand, the Yan Lipao fern is meticulously harvested, selecting only the longest and smoothest vines. For several centuries, the tough fibre has been used for weaving, and master weavers, though only a handful left, take pride in preserving this rather intricate weaving technique.



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