Natural Hemp and Hmong Batik Dress

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Natural Hemp and Hmong Batik Dress

Cultured. An artisanal trophy piece that looks as chic in the city as it does on vacation. The natural hemp dress features a deep neckline, loose kimono arms and slits up the leg. This easy, functional hot weather garment, is work proceeding from human heart and hands – patterns hand drawn with hot wax, and then dipped in natural indigo, encapsulating a timeless Hmong story.


Bust 110 cm.

Arm Length 28 cm.

Shoulder 30 cm.

Dress Length 120 cm.


•        Home grown and hand woven hemp


Locally cultivated hemp, which is often grown and processed without any chemical treatments. Before the fabric is dipped into indigo pots, Hmong craftswoman use a traditional tjanting tool to draw patterns with hot wax. In this way, stories that preserve and share cultural wisdom are interwoven into the very fabric we wear.

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