Repurposed Parkeryaw Pillow Cases

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Repurposed Parkeryaw Pillow Cases

Unravel the mysteries Pkakeryaw geometric shapes and use of colour through pillow cases made from savoured tops. Making up a small percentage of the Karen tribe, the Pkakeryaw are esteemed for telling ancient stories through craft. Distinctive patterns held sacred by the elders are intricately woven to portray symbols of livelihood ranging from mountains, rivers, and family trees. A colourful décor piece, repurposed to re-tells traditions gone.


 W 60 cm. x L 65 cm


•         Home grown cotton


Cotton is home grown, and then seasonally harvested, to be hand-spun. Wood, roots, flowers, seeds and fruits collected from the natural environment are carefully mixed to dye the yarn – giving each batch a unique hue. The Pkakeryaw women then slow weave fabric using a back strap loom, before sitting down to embroider. For this reason, please note that colours may slightly vary.


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